Toyota Yaris 1.5 Active

Price from 152 EUR/month + VAT.
First fee 10%,
Price includes: Civil and Kasco insurance.
Period 48 months., Mileage 100 000km.

Toyota RAV4 Luxury 2.0 AT

Price from 399 EUR/month + VAT. 
First fee 0 EUR. Contract fee 0 EUR.
Price includes: Kasco and TPVCA insurances; Car repairs and maintenance; Sumer and Winter tires; Car storage and swap; Administration;
Period 48 months., Mileage 100 000km;

Toyota Proace Verso


Price from 400 EUR/month + VAT.
First fee 10%,
Price includes: Civil and Kasco insurance, administration, 24/7 road support, winter tires.
Period 3 years, mileage 3500km/month.

Kontakt Formular:

Client needs to know only one phone number, from which he can access all the information about the car.
We take care of transportation of every can in the EU, we also consult on insurance and other questions.
We pick the insurer which has the best offer, we administrate and renew insurance policies, we administrate forbidden events and we also offer other help related with car assessors and services.
While your car is being repaired we will supply you with a new car.
We pick the best time and value for the car washing or cleaning, we pick up the car and drop it off to your desired address.
Depending on the car manufacturer policies we take the car to the service for a check-up. The car is being repaired or the worn parts are being replaced to match the manufacturers requirements (window wipers, brake pads, brake discs, etc.), and also other parts which are not taken into the manufacturers warranty;
We take care of the required official state technical inspection, we follow periodicity and administrate.
We pick the best time and value for the car tire change, 2 times in a year. While we are looking after the off-season tires, we administrate and control them to match the insurers requirements.
We pick up and deliver you the car on agreed time and address.
We give Statoil credit cards with bonuses and discounts on fuel, car wash and other goods. At the end of the month we provide you with detailed report and bill.
The GPS control system gives us the tools to control each cars place, mileage, routes and stops in real time. It also provides needed detailed reports when needed.
We collect all the bills, validate their data validity and provide you with one bill.
We can consult you with all questions which are related to car park administration: Car park renewal and old car realization questions; Car park administration and optimization; Car service related partners selection (service, insurance, car wash, tires, complete set additions, fuel, etc.); All other daily questions.
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